My classes take you on a journey. We start with a core warmup, and move from there into combinations of moves that are sequenced in creative ways to give you strength, flexibility, and a solid awareness of breath and heart. My classes have been called a “soulful and sweaty journey to center,” and I love that; it’s what I aim for every time I plan a class.

You’ll come away invigorated, feeling strong and powerful, yet relaxed. You’ll burn some calories, you’ll breathe deeply, and you’ll discover new strengths, new places in your body, and new awareness. My classes are vigorous, but safe. You’ll definitely sweat and move, and you’ll definitely be challenged, but you’ll always get a good stretch, a juicy backbend or two, and a blissful savasana. There’s always music in my classes, but not the music you might be used to in yoga classes. We call it Punk Rock Yoga, but the music isn’t the Punk Rock part. Think Punk Rock Yoga, with eclectic music. You might hear jazz and blues one night, and techno/electronica and disco the next. Classic rock or punk. The music inspires the moves, and vice versa. Sometimes we’ll only practice to the music of our breath.

Music ties us to emotion, to place and memory, and can create meditative states. Combine it with rhythmic breathing, strong asana practice, and flowing moves that some people say remind them of modern dance, and you’ll start to get an idea of what class with me is like.

You don’t have to look a certain way, or be able to “touch your toes” to do yoga. You have to be able to breathe and listen and look and try. You bring yourself to my class, and we’ll figure out a way for you to participate actively. We’ll figure out a way to transformation just for you.

I’m a certified Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga instructor, and I’m lucky to be friends with two amazing women who have been real teachers and mentors to me: Sadie Nardini, creator of Core Strength Vinyasa, and Kimberlee Jensen Stedl, creator of Punk Rock yoga. I trained with Sadie Nardini and have been studying with her since 2001. I’ve been featured on her new tv show, Rock Your Yoga. I wrote the foreword for the book “The Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto”, by Kimberlee, which was a huge honor. I brought Punk Rock Yoga to New York, and I’ve taught classes at East West Yoga, The Fierce Club, and Reflections Yoga, as well as at various non-traditional venues around New York, Alabama, and Costa Rica. My classes are infused with humor, music and fun. I’m also a Reiki Master and Feng Shui practitioner, and am available for private consultations.



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