New Class in Harlem

I’m really excited to be teaching at Asali Yoga in Harlem! It’s a beautiful space with some inspiring teachers, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this great new studio!

Class will be Mondays from 12:15-1:30. Expect a core-strengthening, flowing meditation suitable for all levels of practice! Come and see me uptown.


Why Virgin Vinyasa?

I love vinyasa yoga. For those of you who don’t know that that means, vinyasa yoga is a style that puts the asanas, or poses, into a sequence of movements, so that the poses flow from one into another, almost like a dance. The practice, linking pose after pose, and letting the breath move you from one pose to another, becomes a beautiful moving meditation.

Vinyasa yoga makes you sweat, too. You’re moving a lot, even though there are moments when you are in a pose, and you stay there, the practice is active. If it’s done right, vinyasa yoga is safe, and the class builds one pose upon another, so that it is an intelligent journey, not just a random string of poses.

However, there can be problems with vinyasa, too. Many times, the teachers get so involved in making up interesting sequences, and making sure that the class “flows” that they don’t instruct students how to align their bodies in the poses, nor do they allow time in the actual pose for the student to actually align herself properly. It can be a practice that is so movement focused, that the alignment flies out the window, especially if the teacher isn’t reminding the students to breathe properly, or if she is too worried about getting everyone to sweat a lot.

Anyone who has taken my class can tell you that they sweat in it. They can also tell you its one of the slower moving vinyasa classes they’ve taken. That’s because I make sure everyone is aligning the poses properly.

But I’ve taken this a step further. I’ve created Virgin Vinyasa, a class that spends the time on one or two poses, or a class of pose, in a flowing sequence, so that students can learn the pose or poses from the ground up. It’s for beginners, but it is also for students who’ve never taken an alignment based yoga class, or for students who just want to learn more about how they should be doing the poses for optimal benefit and the least chance of injury. I’d love you to come and check it out.

See how you can keep the spine aligned, stay safe in your yoga practice, and breathe properly throughout. See how you can transform your practice through precision and breath.

Wednesdays from 7-8pm.

Reflections Yoga.

250 W. 49th Street.


I hope to see you there!