Free Yoga???

A lot of my friends have asked for some yoga videos they could do at home. I decided to put some of my yoga for beginners classes

on Youtube. We used to call it “Virgin Vinyasa” and I love the name, so here you are–the first thing you need to know to do yoga

my way: how to breathe!  Enjoy and use it in good health.



Friday Night Requests?

I am taking requests for Friday’s class this week. Have a theme or a pose you’d like to explore? Comment below and I’ll consider it for the foundation of this Friday’s class at Simple Studios.

Want shoulders, hips, lower back, all core, all the time? Let me hear your ideas!


It was an awesome day for me. It’s been almost a year to the day since I last taught a public yoga class. I’d taken some time off to focus on a new job. I’d really been missing my students, and decided two weeks ago to start up a new class. 

I was so thrilled to teach my first class in over a year tonight. I really do love sharing what I’ve learned, and practicing with my students. I love my new space, Simple Studios, and I think the class was pretty good. 

I just wanted to thank Jessie, Heidi, Yuliya, and Katja for coming out and being so wonderful. I am really lucky to have such amazing students. I feel blessed. 

New Class!

I’m happy to announce that I will be teaching Friday nights once again!   

Expect a powerful, core-centered vinyasa flow with plenty of opportunity to tone, stretch and strengthen your body. We will ignite and align together while we connect to our breath and flow together. Class is suitable for adventurous beginners and up. 

I am so excited, and hope to see old friends and new. Class is on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of $15 per student. Please bring your own mats. 


with Brian Williams


134 W. 29th Street. We will meet in Room 206


Please RSVP as space is limited.

Spread the word~